Music Production Classes In Northwest Arkansas

Haxton Road Studios Building in Downtown Bentonville, Arkansas (located in the  Haxton District )  222 SE 2nd Street (Suite 100)  www.haxton.studio

Haxton Road Studios Building in Downtown Bentonville, Arkansas (located in the Haxton District
222 SE 2nd Street (Suite 100) www.haxton.studio

Music Production Training

The Haxton Recording Academy (located in Northwest Arkansas) is a professional music production training program launched from Haxton Road Studios, a world-class commercial recording studio in the heart of Downtown Bentonville.  Throughout the year, various classes will be offered for aspiring audio engineers, mixing & mastering engineers, music producers, session players, songwriters, programmers, and live sound engineers who want to learn how to pursue excellence in their craft.


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Recording 101

Recording 101 is the starting point for those interested in audio engineering, editing, producing, or beginning the recording process in general.   

Live sound Masterclass

Live Sound Engineer is a great class option for venues, schools, churches, and businesses who need to send their engineers for professional training.

Electric Guitar Masterclass
Coming Soon

The Electric Guitar Masterclass is for the guitar player ready to take their skills, ear, theory, and knowledge of gear and tone to the next level.

Songwriting MasterclasS
Coming Soon

The Songwriting Masterclass is perfect for those artists who want to better their craft as songwriters and learn from professionals who have hit songs. 

Recording 201

Recording 201 is a hands on experience for those who already understand the basics of recording, signal flow, mic types/mic placement, and a DAW.

Drumming Masterclass
Coming SOON

Learn from the best on tuning, techniques, fills, and everything it takes to be a professional drummer in today's music industry.  

Vocal Production Masterclass
Coming SOon

The Vocal Production Masterclass is everything vocals.  This includes production, performance, comping, editing, tuning, fx, automation, & mixing.


Coming Soon

The Mixing Masterclass is the ultimate experience for those wanting to understand the art of mixing and what it takes to make great sounding records.  


Recording 301 is the ultimate studio experience.  Your class will work together with hands on all parts of the recording process from setup to basic mixing.

Bass Guitar MasterClass

Learn what it takes to be a professional bass player in today's music industry.  Learn tone, technique, & gear. 

programming masterclass
Coming Soon

The Programming Masterclass focuses on making beats, and using virtual instruments and sampling to make hip/hop & pop tracks.


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Audio Engineering

Recording 101: 201: 301
Mixing Masterclass
Programming Masterclass


Session Musician Masterclasses

Bass Guitar
Electric Guitar


Not Sure Where To Start?

Don't worry! It's a common question. We can help find the right class or point you in a direction after a basic conversation.