Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit to these classes?

Students must be 14 years or older to apply.  Students younger than 14 are still encouraged to contact us as throughout the year we will offer special one-off courses designed for younger minds.  For those under 14 that are still interested - CLICK HERE

Do I have to take 101 before 201 or 201 before 301

While we normally recommend that students take these recording classes in order, we realize some are coming in with a good starting knowledge of the recording process.  With that said, students can take any of the courses without any prior classes but   they need to understand that teachers can't cater to what they may or may not be missing based on skipping prior courses.

Are the classes expensive compared to similiar programs? 

This is a good question to ask anytime your investing money into your future.  We look at these classes as exactly that... an investment of time and money.  We don't pretend or advertise that we can teach you everything in a few classes.  Some students will attend year long recording programs costing $60,000+ while others will go for fifteen weeks and pay $15,000-$20,000 plus living expenses.  Our programs were designed in such a way to give engineers a jumpstart into knowing how to create and capture a performance.  The best way to learn recording today is to jump in and do it.  Students can learn so much by surrounding themselves with others in the field and by having a professional studio to cut their teeth in. Our classes are worth every bit for the information and experience learned over time if the students will apply themselves and grow! 

What options are there after finishing these classes?

The good news is you can go as far as you want after you finish these classes.  If you feel like you want or need more time in the studio to continue your learning, we have an advanced learning field with one-on-one mentoring/training available.  You might also decide after taking these courses that you really do want to pursue a full time career in music which could lead you to a University/College level training.