Live Sound Masterclass

Class Details - (6 Hours Total w Lunch Break)

  • Quick Instructor Introduction
  • Role of the Live Sound Audio Engineer 
  • Room Types / Room Acoustics
  • Modern Sound Tech Equipment   
  • Source Signal Flow  
  • Microphone Types
  • Microphone Placement 
  • Cable Management
  • Understanding Basic Power & Voltage
  • Understanding Consoles (digital & analog)
  • Understanding Gain Structures  
  • Learning EQ Spectrum 
  • Understanding Inserts
  • Compression, Limiting, & Gating
  • Understanding Reverb & Delay 
  • Working with Musicians & Bands
  • Working with Crowds & Customers
  • Question/Answer Time


$375.00 / Per Person / Class number limited 



Students should walk away from the live sound masterclass with a better understanding of modern sound equipment, signal flow, audio routing, EQ, microphone types, room types, acoustics, cabling, & of course the role of a Live Sound Audio Engineer.

  • Printed Materials 
  • Haxton T-Shirt

*Lunch Will Be Provided* -Please notify us if student has any food allergies or issues. 


All classes are non-refundable.        -Because classes are very limited in the total number of students allowed, no refunds will be given-

If we should have to cancel class for any reason or for emergency, an account credit for that course will go into effect allowing students to automatically be enrolled in the next class offered. 

*All students are highly encouraged to take notes during the classes.  Students cannot video record during the process.  Pictures are allowed*


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